Slamm Foundation

About our Work

Slamm Foundation is Slamm’s corporate social responsibility to create a more digitally literate world. Slamm has promoted digital literacy through its free, public cyber hygiene trainings, annual Tech Innovators Competition, and scholarship programs.


To improve global digital literacy, teach computer skills, provide digital tools, and invest in digital empowerment.


To make digital literacy accessible, affordable, and comprehensible to all.


At Slamm Foundation, we value free and fair access to the internet, digital tools, and transformational experience.

"Transforming a million lives with excellent IT training"

Approximately 3 million Ghanaians are unemployed and live in poverty. The Slamm 1 million campaign seeks to equip at least a million people with functional, effective, and efficient entrepreneurial and technological training. For every 10 persons that pay for training, one underprivileged person in need of training is trained for free. 

Skills Training

From cyber basics to advanced hacking, Slamm Foundation seeks to improve the skills of all people of all levels.

Spreading Awareness

As we progress further into the digital age, technology affects the way the world works. Slamm Foundations seeks to make tech knowledge accessible and understandable.

Building Career Paths

At Slamm, we aspire for transformation with excellence and with that comes excellent careers. Slamm Foundation seeks to help individuals seek career paths for brighter futures.