Course Table

CourseDate(s)Day(s) of the weekCost (GHS)
Cyber Security+SOCMarchMon, Wed, Fri4,000
IT FundamentalsMarchTuesday, Thursday1,500
Graphic DesignMarchMon – Fri1,500
Certified Ethical HackingMarchMon- Fri3,000
A+ Hardware & Software FixingAprilMon, Wed, Fri1,500
Linux AdministrationAprilMon, Wed, Fri3,000
Python ScriptingAprilTuesday, Thursday2,000
Certified Network DefenseAprilMon- Fri3,000
Graphic DesignMayMon-Fri1,500
Video EditingMayMon- Fri1,500
CCTV InstallationMayMon- Fri500
Amazon Web ServicesMayMon- Fri2,000
Network Engineering (cisco)MayMon, Wed, Fri1,500
Cyber Security & SOCJuneMon, Wed, Fri4,000
Digital MarketingJuneMon, Wed, Fri1,200
CCTV TrainingJuneMon- Fri500
IT FundamentalsJulyTuesday, Thursday1,500
Microsoft Suite TrainingJulyMon- Fri1,200
Cyber Security+SOCJulyMon, Wed, Fri4,000
Network EngineeringJulyMon, Wed, Fri1,500
Network EngineeringAugustMon, Wed, Fri1,500
Certified Network DefenseAugustMon- Fri3000
SOC TrainingAugustMon- Fri3,000
Digital MarketingAugustMon, Wed, Fri1,200
Certified Ethical HackingSeptemberMon- Fri3,000
Cyber Security & SOCSeptemberMon, Wed, Fri4,000
Digital MarketingSeptemberMon, Wed, Fri1,200
CCTV TrainingSeptemberMon- Fri500
Cyber Security+SOCOctoberMon, Wed, Fri4,000
IT FundamentalsOctoberTuesday, Thursday1,500
Graphic DesignOctoberMon- Fri1,500
Microsoft Office SuiteOctoberMon- Fri1,200
Graphic Design NovemberMon- Fri1,500
Video EditingNovemberMon- Fri1,500
CCTV TrainingNovemberMon- Fri500
Amazon Web ServicesNovemberMon- Fri2,000
Network EngineeringNovemberMon, Wed, Fri1,500

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