CCTV Installation Training


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a closed system consisting of video cameras, display devices (monitors) and wired or wireless data network that allow you to transfer images from video cameras to monitors. Also video surveillance systems can be integrated with security systems and other information systems.


  • Installation and maintenance training.
  • Learn about security camera systems and how they work. Main focus will be on new technology IP camera system.
  • Demonstration on cameras and video recorders with emphasis on their pros and cons to make an informed decision for your installation.
  • Demonstration on wiring of a site.
  • Show the installation of different camera types and how they are enrolled in the video recorder.
  • Set up mobile app that will allow you to view your camera feed when you aren’t home. Software will be used for computer viewing.
  • How to crimp down Rj45 connectors for your cameras.
  • Install conduit to protect camera outside the building.