WhatsApp Introduces Two New Features To Enhance User Safety

WhatsApp on Monday introduced two new features – Flash calls and Message level reporting to boost user safety. The two new features are in addition to the multiple options that the Meta-owned messaging platform offers to its users.
The all-new Flash calls option adds the option to verify the user’s phone number through an automated call instead of an SMS. This enhances user account safety in case the phone has been stolen, and a hacker can now use messages.

Similarly, users can report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging a specific message with the message level reporting.
“In our continuous endeavor to provide more safety and control to users, WhatsApp is now introducing two new safety features, ‘flash calls’ and ‘message level reporting’ to ensure that user experience remains secure, in addition to the host of other safety measures and product features that allow users to continue safeguarding their personal messaging experience,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

What is a Flash call?
Until now, every time you changed your phone, you needed a code that came through a text message to activate your WhatsApp account on the new device. With Flash calls, WhatsApp is adding another option with which users can choose to receive an automated call for verifying their phone number.
This means that Flash calls allow WhatsApp to call their device and verify automatically, eliminating the need for any other text message-based verification. The messaging platform says this new option is much safer than SMS verification. WhatsApp adds that the Flash calls take place all from within the app.
What is Message level reporting?
The next new feature added is Message level reporting, allowing users to report accounts to WhatsApp by flagging a specific message. For doing so, users can simply long-press a particular message to either report or block a user.

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